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We are thrilled to announce that Loupe Print and Printlab are joining forces

Loupe Print is pleased to announce its acquisition by Printlab, a renowned professional photo printing and fine art reproduction studio with over 30 years of experience in the industry. This exciting development is a strategic move to combine Loupe Print's innovative printing solutions and personalized services with Printlab's extensive expertise and technological capabilities.

To our valued clients, we assure you that this transition will enhance the quality and range of services available to you. Chris Cunningham, the founder of Loupe Print, will work closely with Printlab to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the high standard of service and quality you have come to expect from us. We are committed to making this change as seamless as possible and are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring to all our clients.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Loupe Print. We look forward to serving you with an even wider range of printing solutions and expert support as part of the Printlab family.


Printlab / Loupe Print
1240 N. Homan Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60651


Office phone | (312) 362-9000
Office email | info@printlab.com
Chris' email | chris@loupeprint.com

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Preparing files

For fine art printing files should be defined in RGB. Our preferred color space is


(download at: www.eci.org). 300 dpi at 1:1 print size is ideal for highest quality. TIF, PSD, PSB, PDF, or JPG formats can be used, although saving a flattened TIF is recommended.


Please refer to Printlab's website, here: website link


We can offer our experienced opinion on cameras, photo equipment, inkjet papers, software, monitors, storage drives, desktop printers, lighting, and studio tools. Loupe Print is not sponsored by any company to use or promote products. We support best practices and information sharing within the creative community, please reach out with any questions.


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ISO:19262 Photography archiving systems vocabulary
ISO:19263 Best practices for digital image capture
ISO:19264 Imaging systems quality analysis
ISO:3664 Viewing conditions
IPTC Metadata standards
Society for Imaging Science and Technology
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RAW camera file repository

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