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At Loupe we make the highest quality digital fine art prints. We provide this through personal consultation, custom image editing, speciality papers, and utilizing the latest professional imaging technology.

We thrive on making our client’s vision come to life; editing images to bring out their unique subtleties and sourcing the right paper/media for each project. Loupe creates prints for artists, collectors, galleries and museums in preparation for portfolios, exhibitions or your empty wall. Whether for a private residence or a gallery exhibition, our decade of experience in digital printmaking gives us the confidence to get you the best possible results for your imagery.

–Chris Cunningham, Owner


If you have any questions regarding our services, or you're looking for a quote on your project, email us with your name, phone number, and a message at mail@loupeprint.com

Loupe will answer any inquiries by the following business day. If your questions need an immediate answer, please give us a call at 773.609.5344

Order Submissions

The first steps for starting a print job:
1. Contact us with any questions prior to uploading files
2. Download and fill out Order Form.pdf [here]
3. Send files using UPLOAD FILES button [via WeTransfer]

If you do not already have a digital file, please contact Loupe to inquire about scanning and reproduction services.

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